Auto-Body Repair: The Gamble

In many cases where a vehicle gets into a smaller type of accident, like a shopping cart rolling into your car or truck when you are shopping at the local mall, causing a smallish ding or dent in the vehicle’s door or bumper or whatever part of the vehicle that the cart strikes, or there is a small fender-bender as they are called, where the impact is of a nature that there is no really severe damage, the decision then becomes whether or not to bother repairing the vehicle or just letting it slide.

At this point you may as well be in any or All British Casino rolling the dice or pulling the arm of the jackpot slot machine rolling the dice or pulling the arm of the jackpot slot machine, because you are truly gambling with the future of your vehicle and the eventual outcome of that smaller type ding or dent.

The gamble comes from that fact that if you decide that you are not going to repair the vehicle for whatever reason – whether that is from a financial standpoint as you simply cannot afford to do it at this time, or because from an insurance perspective you are afraid that your premiums will rise drastically – the fact remains that you are really rolling the dice.

All damage caused to the outside of the vehicle can have effects down the road that may prove to be more expensive in the long run if the repairs are put off for a period of time: especially if the paint was affected in any way.

What many fail to realize is that the reason your vehicle does not simply rust away from exposure to the elements like most metal tends to do over time is because of the properties that are in the paint and part of the painting process that will be further discussed in following pages.

The bottom line is that small repairs can lead to large repairs if they are left unchecked.

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