Learning the Trade

In a time when it seems that every young person wants to be involved in the Information Technology business or the computer or, again, in some field of the software industry there is a huge shortage of people who want to enter the trades such as tool and die makers, plumbers, electricians and even mechanics and auto body repairmen.

What many people fail to realize is that all of these trades are exceptionally lucrative financially and the ability to make a very good living is not a fantasy but rather a very real possibility when you get involved in these types of trades.

One of the reasons that this is happening is because of the lack of emphasis on the trades in the education system in not just the United States but all across the industrialized countries.

Back in the early Seventies and even in the Eighties there were schools that were designed specifically to allow people to to learn and enter the trades like the ones mentioned above.

The lack of emphasis that has occurred over the ensuing years stems most likely from the parents of those generations that actually were the tradesmen of that time who wanted what they perceived as a better life for own kids and wanted them to have an easier life than they may have had. Realizing that the work they did as tradesmen was difficult and certainly not for everyone, they encouraged their kids to aspire to what they considered better things and that has left a gap in the trades that has yet to be addressed.

If governments do not address this disparity, at some point there will be a time where there will be nobody trained and equipped to do the jobs that everybody at one time or another needs doing and that includes even auto body repair.

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