The Future of Auto-Body Repair

As with any industry that has been around for a long time, auto-body repair trade has evolved over the years, experiencing changes that are inevitable.

Automation has played a key role in many manufacturing processes and has been both a blessing and a curse – depending of course on the type of business and the people involved in the manufacturing itself. Of course it’s usually welcomed by businessmen because it usually involves a reduction in the workforce for tasks that in the past needed a lot more human presence. Not that this is the sole important motivation for wanting to automate a process! As a matter of fact, many tasks that can be performed by machines are those that require a certain amount of expertise, so when you can program a machine or robot, you eliminate the possibility of human error that can have dramatic effects on the finished product.

While many industries are less susceptible than others to automation, there are processes in all manufacturing type businesses that may well lend themselves to automation and the auto-body repair business is no different: the bulk of the work that is performed by most auto-body repair specialists, nonetheless, consists in a series of operations that a machine would have difficulty in doing, because of the very specific nature of the business.

The exacting processes required to fix the body of your car or truck are ones that will most likely continue to be performed by people rather than machines and that bodes well for the trade as a whole and the proprietors of that trade specifically.

A great living can be made by people who get into this field, and educators across the land need to realize this and once again make learning a trade such as auto-body repair accessible to the youth of today.