The Unique World of Auto-Body Repair

When they think of car repairs, most people automatically go about imagining the mechanic down the road who you take your car or truck to for repairs when something goes wrong. What many fail to realize is that the world of auto-body repair is vastly different from the mechanical repairs that most drivers are used to.

Regular maintenance for your automobile means that you are compelled to head over to the mechanic at regular intervals for the standard oil change and other scheduled maintenance that is necessary for the smooth running of your automobile, but in most cases the only time that you ever see of speak to an auto-body specialist is if your car or truck is in an accident and requires repairs, like for instance to the outside of the vehicle.

The world of auto-body repair is a specialized trade that is taught separately from mechanics in the various trade schools that teach the trade.

Learning to remove dings and dents and how to re-paint isolated areas of the vehicle or even the entire car is a trade that requires knowledge that is very focused on the specifics of those tasks.

The following pages will delve into this world in much more detail so that the general public understands better the trade of auto-body repair and maybe young people reading the pages will decide that this is the business for them and will take the required steps to get the education they need to enter this specific trade.